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    1. Who was the first King of the Jews?
    (a) Saul
    (b) Semuel
    (c) David
    (d) Solomon

    2. Who was the first president of the State of Israel?
    (a) Theodore Herzl
    (b) Chaim Weizman
    (c) David Ben-Gurion
    (d) Chaim Bialik

    3. When was the State of Israel declared?
    (a) May 14, 1948
    (b) June 14, 1948
    (c) July 14, 1948

    4.What was the title of the famous Herzl's book?
    (a) The Jewish State
    (b) The Jewish Country
    (c) Jewish Land

    5. In what year did the first Zionist congress take place?
    (a) 1905, in Basel
    (b) 1897, in Basel
    (c) 1914, in Basel

    6. What did the Jews say in their prayers?
    (a) Next year in Jerusalem
    (b) Next year in Israel
    (c) Next year in Tel Aviv

    7. Israel's national anthem was written by:
    (a) Judah Halevi
    (b) Naftali Hertz Imber
    (c) Chaim Nachman Bialik

    8. Who suggested the flag of the State of Israel?
    (a) Chaim Nachman Bialik
    (b) David Wolfson
    (c) Theodore Herzl

    9. What did David Wolfson show to his friends as the first flag of the State of Israel?
    (a) A picture with two blue stripes and a blue Magen David
    (b) A prayer shawl
    (c) A Menorah

    10. During which Olympics members of Israeli sport team were murdered?
    (a) Munich 1972
    (b) Mexico 1968
    (c) Montreal 1976

    11. In what year was the Israeli Six-Day war?
    (a) 1957
    (b) 1960
    (c) 1967
    (d) 1973

    12. What was the name of the war that took place in 1973?
    (a) The Six-Day war
    (b) The Gulf war
    (c) The Yom-Kippur war
    (d) The Suez canal war

    13.When did the 'Six Day War' Begins?
    (a) 5 June 1967
    (b) 5 May 1967
    (c) 5 July 1967
    (d) 5 April 1967

    14.How long did the actual operation take, once the Israeli forces had landed at Entebbe?
    (a) One hour
    (b) Ninety minutes
    (c) Three hours
    (d) Twenty-nine minutes

    15. What did the Balfour Declaration signed in 1917 support?
    (a) Establishment of Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
    (b) Quotas on the number of Jews allowed to enter Palestine every year.
    (c) Dividing land between Jews and Arabs
    (d) Establishing Palestine as a country for Jews and Arabs

    16. What was in the White Papers of 1939, also known as the MacDonald White Paper?
    (a) Restrictions were placed on the rights of Jews to buy land from Arabs.
    (b) Palestine governed by Palestinian Arabs and Jews in proportion to their numbers in the population.
    (c) A limit of 75,000 Jewish immigrants was set for the five-year period 1940-1944.
    (d) All the above.

    17. The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine or United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) Future Government of Palestine was a resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 29 November 1947 by a vote
    (a) of 28 to 26, with 2 abstentions
    (b) of 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions
    (c) of 50 to 2, with 4 abstentions
    (d) of 31 to 10, with 15 abstentions

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  • Riddle: which object is superfluous:
    - aircraft,
    - steam locomotive,
    - Palestinian people
    - mobile phone?

    Answer: the steam locomotive. It was invented in the 19th century, and everything else in the 20th.

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