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    1. Who was the first King of the Jews?
    (a) Saul
    (b) Semuel
    (c) David
    (d) Solomon

    2. Who was the first president of the State of Israel?
    (a) Theodore Herzl
    (b) Chaim Weizman
    (c) David Ben-Gurion
    (d) Chaim Bialik

    3. Who coined the term "antisemitism"?
    (a) Wilhelm Marr
    (b) Theodor Herzl
    (c) David Wolfson

    4.In 1976 Baruch Blumberg shared the Nobel Prize for helping create the vaccine for:
    (a) Hepatitis B
    (b) Chickenpox
    (c) Polio

    5. Which mutant in the X-Men movies/cartoons, is Jewish?
    (a) Storm
    (b) Magneto
    (c) Xavier

    6. Fiddler on the Roof is based on stories written by:
    (a) Shalom Aleichem
    (b) Franz Kafka
    (c) Isaac Bashevis Singer

    7. Israel's national anthem was written by:
    (a) Judah Halevi
    (b) Naftali Hertz Imber
    (c) Chaim Nachman Bialik

    8. Who suggested the flag of the State of Israel?
    (a) Chaim Nachman Bialik
    (b) David Wolfson
    (c) Theodore Herzl

    9. Who is Jewish in "The Simpsons"?
    (a) Sideshow Bob
    (b) Krusty
    (c) Sideshow Mel

    10. Who was the first Jewish chess champion?
    (a) Wilhelm Steinitz
    (b) Emanuel Lasker
    (c) Michael BOTVINNIK

    11. Who was the first Jewish famous boxer?
    (a) Isaac Bittoon
    (b) Dutch Sam
    (c) Daniel Mendoza
    (d) Aaron Barney

    12. Please select the famous Jewish philosopher
    (a) Solomon ibn Gabirol
    (b) Abraham ibn Ezra
    (c) All of them
    (d) Saadia ben Joseph

    13. What was the Batman’s Jewish name?
    (a) Baruch Wayniski
    (b) Baruch Robinsky
    (c) Baruch Krustofski
    (d) Baruch Rothiski

    14. Which successful Israeli General lost an eye and was famous for wearing an eye patch?
    (a) Moshe Levin
    (b) Moshe Dayan
    (c) Mickey Marcus
    (d) Moshe Yaalon

    15. Which great American Army officer helped to form the Israeli Army?
    (a) Mickey Marcus
    (b) Moshe Dayan
    (c) Moshe Yaalon
    (d) Moshe Levin

    16. Who was known for his discovery and development of the first safe and effective polio vaccine?
    (a) Gregory Pincus
    (b) Baruch Blumberg
    (c) Jonas Edward Salk
    (d) Benjamin Rubin

    3. Wilhelm Marr (1819 – 1904) was a German agitator and publicist, who coined the term "antisemitism".

    4. Baruch Samuel Blumberg (born July 28, 1925) is an American doctor and co-recipient of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Medicine (with Daniel Carleton Gajdusek), and the current President of the American Philosophical Society.
    He received the Nobel Prize for "discoveries concerning new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of infectious diseases." Blumberg identified the Hepatitis B virus, and later developed the its diagnostic test and vaccine.[wiki]

    5. In the beginning of the first "X-Men" movie, we see Magneto as a teenage boy in the Warsaw ghetto.

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