Jewish Pogroms in Russia 1918 - 1920. Jewish people and their customs.

Jews, Russia 1918 - 1920

See the most recent research in the book "Books of pogroms during civic war in Russia 1918 1922" L. Miljakov. Russia, 2007, ISBN 5824308160, 2007

According the book "The Slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919" p 180 the number of killed was 120,000

According N. Gergel "The pogroms in the Ukraine in 1918 1920" [ YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science. Vol. 6. new York, 1951 p. 245] the number of killed is 50 60 thousands. According Elias Tcherikower [Di Ukrainer pogromen in yor 1919. New York, 1965 p 333] the number of killed is 50 60 thousands.

According to official documents of NARKOMNACA Soviet Russia from March 28, 1922 the number of killed is 100,194 and wounded 9,942

Also see "The Jews in Poland: official reports on the American and British Investigating Mission." Chicago, 1920 and L. Lifschuts "The pogroms in Poland" Jerusalem, 1958

After Jewish Pogrom Russia 1918
Jewish Pogrom Russia 1918

Killed During Jewish Pogrom Russia 1919
Killed During Podrom 1919

All the above are classic examples of the Jewish People life in Russia 1918 - 1920.

The Jews of Russia were the victims of three large-scale
waves of pogroms, each of which surpassed the preceding in
scope and savagery. These occurred between the years 1881
and 1884, 1903 and 1906, and 1917 and 1921. There were outbreaks
in Poland after it regained independence in 1918, and
in Romania from 1921.

The third wave of pogroms occurred during the years 191721,
in scope and gravity far surpassing the two previous outbreaks.
These attacks on the Jews were connected with the revolutions
and the civil war which took place in Eastern Europe
during this period.

In Proskurov on Feb. 15, 1919, when 1,700 Jews were done to death within
a few hours.

The ataman Grigoryev, who in May 1919 seceded from the Red Army with his 
men, was responsible for pogroms in 40 communities and the deaths of
about 6,000 Jews in the summer of 1919.

The most sinister of these pogroms was in Fastov at the beginning
of September 1919, in which about 1,500 Jewish men, women,
and children were massacred.

During 192021 massacre in Tetiev, in which about
4,000 Jews were put to death and the whole townlet was set
on fire.
[ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 16]

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