Jewish people and their customs on the pictures below. Pogroms in Russia 1900 - 1917

Russia - Jewish people after pogrom
Jewish people after pogrom

Jews, Russia Driven Out After Pogrom
Jews Russia Driven Out After Pogrom

Jews Refugees, Russia
Russia Jewish Refugees

Jewish Pogrom by Filkovich
Jewish Pogrom Russia

All the above are classic examples of the Jewish People life in Russia 1900 - 1917.

Pogroms which occurred in Kishinev during Passover 1903, in the wake of the
wild agitation propagated by the antisemitic local newspaper
Bessarabets, edited by P. Krushevan. This pogrom was accompanied
by savage murders (45 dead and hundreds of wounded)
and mutilations of the wounded and dead. About 1,500 Jewish
houses and shops were looted.
In a pogrom which broke out in Gomel in
September 1903, the self-defense group played a prominent
part in saving Jewish lives and property. In the fall of 1904, a
series of pogroms was perpetrated in Smela, Rovno, Aleksandriya
and other places by army recruits about to be sent to
the war against Japan and by the local rabble.
[ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 16]

The first pogrom is often considered to be the 1821 anti-Jewish riots in 
Odessa (modern Ukraine) after the death of the Greek Orthodox patriarch 
in Istanbul, in which 14 Jews were killed.[16] Other sources, such as the 
Jewish Encyclopedia, indicate that the first pogrom was the 1859 riots 
in Odessa. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

according to S. Dubnow in the book: "History of the Jews in Russia and Poland", Philadelphia, 1920 T3 p. 334.
Chronology of pogroms in Russia and Poland:
  1. 1637 In the Ukraina under Pavluk, Cossack leader
  2. 1648 under Khmelnittzki, Cossack leader
  3. 1768 by Haidamacks
  4. 1881, April at Yelisavetgrad, Kiev
  5. 1881, May at Odessa
  6. 1881, December at Warshaw
  7. 1883, May at Rostov
  8. 1883, July at Yelisavetgrad,
  9. 1884 at Nizhni Novgorod
  10. 1891 at Starodub (Chernigov)
  11. 1903, April at Kishinev
  12. 1903, August at Gomel
  13. 1904, October at Moghilev
  14. 1904, October at Vitebsk
  15. 1905, June at Bialystok
  16. 1905, at Odessa

This is only partial list from the book: "History of the Jews in Russia and Poland" S. Dubnov mentioned that in many cases police assisted pogroms. Black hundred with help of Tzar and police organized some.

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