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This is a picture of the first agricultural Jewish community in Mauricio, Buenos Aires Province 1901.

First Jewish community in Mauricio, Buenos Aires Province 1901

Jewish agricultural settlement in Argentina began in 1888 under the auspices of the Alliance Israélite Universelle. Of the 136 families who arrived on the ss Weser in 1889, about 40 acquired land from a landowner, Pedro Palacios, and set up the Moisesville colony. The settlers suffered from hunger and disease during the first months of their settlement, due to lack of equipment and financial means. Wilhelm Loewenthal, a Jewish physician and naturalist, was invited by the Argentine government to carry out a mission of inquiry in the latter half of 1889.
In 1991, various celebrations marked the first centennial of the arrival of Jewish immigrants to Colonia Mauricio (Carlos Casares).The cultivation of sunflowers was introduced to Argentina by the Jews of the Mauricio colony. [ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 2]

From the book M. L. Usov "Jews in the Army" 1911
Emigration of Jews from Russia to Argentina
(the figures in this table indicate only the numbers of expatriates benefiting from the Argentine government's five-day free accommodation in an immigrant home)
  • 1901 year 1885 # of people
  • 1902 year 826
  • 1903 year 334
  • 1904 year 3350
  • 1905 year 7516
  • 1906 year 13880 (after the October of 1905 Jewish pogroms in Russian Empire )
  • 1907 year 4301
  • 1908 year 5544

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