Jewish Artisans in Russia on the pictures below.
Jewish people in Russia 1910 -1926 in the artworks of Yehuda Pen.

Jewish watchmaker 1914

Jewish tailor 1910s

Jewish artisan 1914

Jewish shopkeeper 1916

Jewish watchmaker 1914

Jewish baker 1921

Jewish plasterer1920s

Jewish glassworker 1925

Jewish shoemaker 1925

Jewish tailor 1926

Jewish matchmaker 1926

Jewish seamstress 1927

Jewish watchmaker 1924

Jewish Artisans on the pictures.

About Yehuda Pen.

Yehuda Pen - Yuri Moyshevich Pen (18541937) was a Jewish-Belarusian artist-painter, a teacher and an outstanding figure of the Jewish Renaissance in the Belarus art of the beginning of 20th century.
The artist was killed at home in Vitebsk at night March 1, 1937. The circumstances of his murder remain unknown. There is speculation that he was murdered because of his connection to his former student, Marc Chagall.[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]

Jewish population:         1923      1926 year
Ukraine(thousands)       1483       1574
Belorussia                      423      407
rest of USSR                525         620

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