Jewish Artisans life in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century on the pictures below.
Jewish people in Poland 1910s.

Poland Blacksmith 1900s

Jewish Blacksmith

Jewish Chairmender

Jewish Clockmaker

Jewish Ferryman

Jewish Grinder

Jewish Melamed

Jewish Scribe

Jewish shoemaker

Jewish Street Musitian

Jewish Tailor

Jewish Water carrier

Jewish Weaver Of Peasant Linen

Jewish Artisans on the pictures.

Polish Jewish history, from 1772 to 1939, reveals an obvious
continuity. The Jews remained a basically urban element
in a largely peasant country, a distinct economic group, a minority
whose faith, language, and customs differed sharply
from those of the majority. All attempts to break down this
distinctiveness failed, and the Jews naturally suffered for their
obvious strangeness. A thin layer of assimilated, or quasi-assimilated,
Jews subsisted throughout the entire period, but the
masses were relatively unaffected by the Polish orientation.
[ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 16]

Jewish population:         1923      1926 year
Ukraine(thousands)       1483       1574
Belorussia                      423      407
rest of USSR                525         620
Up to September 1939 Poland had a Jewish population of 3,351,000.

Jewish population of Poland declaring Yiddish or Hebrew as Mother Tongue according census 1931 3,113,933 (10% of total population)

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